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Requesting a Service FAQ

  • How do I Request a Service or Get Quotes?

    To Request a Service or Get Quotes, simply click on the 'Get Quotes Now' button on any page on the site or clicking on the Service you would like to request for directly on the main page. 

    Describe your job in details as this is a good way to get the interest of the relevant specialists. This is also so that specialists can better understand your requirements. Details such as size, number of units, existing condition and type of material to be used are some of the things you can add.

  • What will happen after I have posted my request?

    All requests posted will be reviewed by our team. We will then email relevant specialists to look at your job once your job has been approved. 

    When a specialist expresses interest in your request, you will get an email from us about it. Click on the link in the email to see the specialist's proposal.

    You can then decide if you would like to discuss further with the specialists about the job and get an accurate quote. To do this simply click on the 'Get Contact' button in the proposal page. Contact details will then be exchanged between you and the service specialists.

  • Is it advisable to draw up a contract?

    Where applicable, It is always a good idea to draw up a detailed contract about all the work that you have confirmed with your specialist.

    Ensure that the small details and costs are included. This way, you can minimise the risk of future disputes.

  • What kind of questions should I ask the specialists before hiring them?

    The first thing to find out is the amount of experience they have had. Ask for referrals as this is the best way to find out how good they are. 

    For large projects, ask them about their team of sub-contractors and their equipment. It should not be a one man show but a group of efficient people working together.

  • What should I do if there is a dispute with the specialist?

    If there is a dispute between you and the service specialist, go back to your contract so you can settle your problems. We always recommend all parties to resolve disputes amicably as it is in the interest of all parties concerned.

    If you are not able to settle the dispute, it is a good idea to take up the matter with CASE (Consumer Association of Singapore).

  • Is there any cost or fee when Requesting a Service/ Getting Quotes through HelpGuru.sg?

    No, it's completely free to Request a Service/ Get Quotes through HelpGuru.sg.

  • What is Ask an Expert?

    Ask an Expert is a tool we created to make it possible for customers like you to get great advice. Once you've posted a question to the site, you'll receive quality answers straight to your inbox.

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Specialist FAQ

  • What do I need to do to register with HelpGuru.sg as a Service Specialist?

    HelpGuru.sg operates a selective application process for specialists. To apply, fill up the online form. We do vetting of all applicants. Verifying against ACRA, BCA, CASE, HDB and EMA.

    You will need to provide details of previous customers who are willing to recommend you. HelpGuru.sg do not display the contact details of these previous customers. Only their recommendations and reference comments are added to your profile as positive feedback, which will help you get started as new customers using HelpGuru.sg will be able to see these positive comments.

    We contact people by email and phone to ensure their details are up to date. Always seek your customer's permission for us to contact them first. We verify applications and references in a number of ways to ensure they are genuine and have been provided by the actual customer.

  • How long will my application take to process?

    The application process normally takes between 5-10 working days unless we have difficulty verifying or collecting certain information.Your application may be delayed if we have not been able to verify your references.

    You can help speed up the application process by:

    1. Making sure your referee's contact details are up to date. We contact referees by email initially.
    2. Asking your referees to respond promptly to our email requests.

  • When are job notifications sent out?

    We send out email notifications to you immediately when Requests are posted on HelpGuru.sg. You will receive an email notification if the new jobs that have been posted matches your speciality.

  • What are the Fees?

    When you express interest in a job, the customer can either shortlist you or decline your interest. When a customer shortlists you, it means that they like the look of your profile and are giving you permission to contact them directly. Contact details are automatically shared with every shortlist. When you’re shortlisted for a job, a fee is charged.

    Shortlist fees range from $2 to $30. We price each shortlist fee according to the expected job value. The shortlist fee for every job will be clearly visible on the Declare Interest form, before you decide to express interest. There is no fee deducted for expressing interest - the fee only applies if you the customer shortlists you.

    Note that you will need to maintain a Credit Balance on HelpGuru.sg. When shortlist fees are deducted, it is the credits that are deducted from your HelpGuru.sg account. Only you have the means and authorisation to purchase credits on HelpGuru.sg using Paypal. It is completely secured and your Paypal information is only available to you and no one else.

    You purchase credits from the PayPal link in your HelpGuru.sg account and the value of 1 Credit = 1S$.

  • What is Feedback?

    Feedback is an evaluation of a customer's experience with a service specialist. New customers can read previous feedback comments on each specialist profile, before they hire.

    More importantly, customers can add to a specialist's reputation and bring accountability to their project by posting feedback after an agreement has been reached to carry out work.

  • How to top up credits into my account using PayPal?

    You can simply log in to your specialist account and follow these steps:
    1. Click "Buy More Credits" located at the bottom left below your company profile
    2. Then click "Pay with PayPal"
    3. Log in or create a new PayPal account and proceed on to make your payment

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  • I do not receive any emails from HelpGuru.sg. What can I do?

    It is important that you're able to receive our emails. Unfortunately, there may be instances where some email providers occasionally block our messages.

    If you are not receiving our email messages, your email provider may be blocking our mail. To help fix this problem, you should add support@helpguru.sg to your safe senders list.

    If you're not sure how to do this, please check your email provider's help and advice section. This will only take a few minutes and helps us to deliver a better service to you.

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