The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) is the body responsible for the management of buildings, structures and infrastructures in Singapore.

Some of the Core Functions of the BCA include:

  • Approval of Structural Plans
  • Approval of Building Plans
  • Issuance of Temporary Occupation Permit
  • Building Maintenance and Strata Management
You can see more information about BCA’s core functions here:

When do I need Building Regulations approval? 

All building works, except those which are exempted under the Building Control Act, will require building plan approval. The list of exempted building works is given in `The Schedule' of the Building Control Act. Examples of exempted works include installation of pergola, shelter, gazebo and replacement of windows. 

Examples of the type of works that need approval from the BCA includes:
  • Structural Works
  • Piling Works
  • Ground Support and Stabilisation Works
For further details on Requirements and Regulations, refer to the following link: