Care for Office Plants

Published by Editor Our office plants had not been cared for for over two weeks.
Care for Office Plants Customer: May Tung

The Job
We needed reasonably priced and efficient freelancers to clean our office and take care of the plants. As our previous staff member for this job resigned quite suddenly, our office plants had not been cared for for over two weeks.

The Challenge
My colleagues and I took turns to care for them as I could not find anyone to do this work for a small company like ours. Almost on the verge of giving up, I came across and that solved this problem. In just a few simple clicks, helped me find a specialist who could work with us.

The Specialist
Far East Florist & Landscape Construction Pte sent us a specialist who watered the plants, trimmed and cut the dead leaves, cared for the flowers and cleaned up all the dirt in the balcony. He came in every Friday on time to do his job. He took half the time taken by our previous freelancer to complete his job and brought all of his own tools.

The Verdict
We were very happy with the way has made life easy for people like us. What was impossible to find was made possible easily.

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