Install Bathroom Cabinet

Published by Editor A cabinet to install under Bathroom Sink.
Install Bathroom Cabinet Customer: Thomas Teo

The Job
I had purchased a cabinet to install under my bathroom sink but could not do so myself. I had it for over five months.

The Challenge
I could not find anyone who would come and do such a small job. They either quoted a high prices or never replied after I told them how small the jobs were.

The Specialist
I almost gave up on the search. That is when I came across I surfed through their website and it was very easy to post a job. The interface was simple to use. I got two contractors who responded to my job and seeing how simple the job is, I could understand why many people would not want to do it.

The Verdict
Home Mechanics sent someone over a day later and he fixed my cabinet easily in less than ten minutes. What more, he even repaired a door I had issues with free of charge. I would recommend to anyone looking for specialists to get their job done.

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