Professional Photographer for NTU Event.

Published by Editor NTU Event Sponsored by Google and Twitter.
Professional Photographer for NTU Event. Customer: Andy Cahyadi

The Job
I was looking for a professional photographer to cover my event. The top of my list of priorities in the photographer was someone that is reliable. The event was being sponsored by a few big boys like Google and Twitter and I really needed a dependable and professional photographer who would not do a sloppy job and run. I did not have much time to spend on interviewing photographers and a few who came recommended were a disappointment. I would never hire anyone who would take more than two days to get back to me! I began to have nightmares of how bad NTU would look if things went south with a bad photographer.

The Challenge
With only a week left, I turned to for help. took up the whole task of finding the best photographer for me. The response time was real quick and the photographers were extremely professional. On a search that would have taken me weeks, did it all in a single day.

The Specialist
Tomatoes Pictures was to take a video recording of my event and process the video. They were supposed to spend about eight hours covering the event from the opening ceremony to the closing. What they actually ended up giving me was 18 extra hours!
The event organiser required the photographer to use a special camera. It surprised me how the photographer was able to use the camera for live streaming even better than we, the students of NYTU would have. The end result of the entire photography session was way beyond my expectations. From the extra amount of time they worked to the extreme attention to detail with the photography and videography, I was very happy with their services.

The Verdict
What I loved most about is the amount of time I saved. With, I did not feel like I was interacting with a robot on the computer. The service team at would call me to follow up on the selection process and other things. This is something I have not experienced with other online platforms whose only form of communication is by email.

I would strongly recommend Their database of service providers are screened to the tiniest detail, leaving no doubt in the client’s mind about the type of service they are about to get.

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