Tile Floor Repair

Published by HelpGuru.sg Editor Office Floor tiles popped out and require removal and replacement.
Tile Floor Repair

HelpGuru.sg Customer: Joseph Lee

The Job
Our office was perfectly fine on Friday. Come Monday, we noticed that all out tiles had popped out. The office looked like an earthquake had gone through it. Because of this, the workplace became quite dangerous and we had to move to another area to work. Due to all the moving, we could not work very well.

The Challenge
In order to get back to work smoothly, we had to get multiple quotes and proposals very quickly. We started off by asking a service provider to quote to us. Soon, we realized that doing this with ten other providers would take up too much time and energy. That is when we turned to HelpGuru.sg for help.

The Specialist
I had listened to a radio show on FM98.7 with HelpGuru.sg on the program. Just by posting one single request on the HelpGuru.sg website, I could get multiple quotes in no time. The interface was very easy to use and we received proposals and quotes from many reliable contractors. It was easy to compare all the quotes and read up on each service provider.
We picked HNL Construction and they came by for a site visit. After inspecting the site, they gave us a final quote. As we did not have the floor tiles, I had asked them to show me samples of tiles that closely matched the existing flooring. After deciding on the closest match, the contractor started work on the weekend. They cleared the damaged tiles and installed the new ones. The job was completed in two days, and by Monday, we had our office again.

The Verdict
We were very happy with the work the contractor did, except that we could not find a perfect match for the tiles. HelpGuru.sg saved us plenty of time by getting us multiple quotes from experienced service providers at one go. Our team was able to get back to work in no time and productivity was not lost. Would definitely recommend the services of HelpGuru.sg.

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